Public Transport is Becoming a Nightmare

It might look trivial to them because it doesn't affect them; but it is as critical & important as anything else. But the ,chaos, quarrels and the unpleasant exchanges that's happening by day in the traffic, especially going from Westfield toTabokoto is unhealthy, uncivilized and can at anytime graduate to serious conflicts if the relevant... Continue Reading →


Sometimes, there is a more specific message concerning your impatience, in case you haven't consider the ramifications of this particular shortcoming

I Hope this Pricks your Conscience: Backway is not the Solution

Today, we mourn young abled Gambians who could have become anything in the future because of their desire, ample ambition; coupled with their zeal to break the circle of poverty and inequality. It was a mission of good course. They simply feeling the devastation of poverty and economic inequality. May God have mercy on their souls.

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