Family is the first institution we are exposed to in this life. It is an institution established by socio religious functions [marriage]. Hence, family is found as a result marriage, as marriage is the institution that gives live to family. This is the cult which we all emanates from; be it black, be it white, rich or poor. The essence thus, lies in knowing that we all come from a society, since family makes a society and society makes a man.

Fact of the matter

The fact of the matter is that, to a great deal we are shaped by our societal norms, customs and values as people. It is the society that determines the kind of life we may live, even though not everyone succumbs to societal norms and teachings, especially in this generation. In a nutshell, society is our origination.

Although, society may not be as important as i may put it, but it is instrumental in shaping our growth and development – as an individual and as citizens.

But it’s unchangeable, as well as undeniable that, we are products of society. Hence, society give us names, it give us identity, it gives us purpose, role and hope.

Inadvertently, society could frustrate us, depress us, divide us and disintegrate us. For instance if society labelled you bad in our world, you’re bad wholly – despite the great and good things you had done. Likewise the opposite. – That’s society determining your personality. Thereby, isolating you from the rest.

But who are the society?

People are the society. We make our people who they’re, or what they’ve become. It’s a matter of questioning as to how we treat people; at home, work, or in the streets.

The persona

It’s important to mind how we treat the guy next door. It is important to observe how often do we think and talk to other person with plane objectivity and without prejudice or discrimination of any kind.

Because, our condemnations aren’t enough to build a vibrant society of assests, rather it will only increase liabilities. Therefore, its a collective interest for us to empower our societies, support them, amplify their voices and create an environment for self realisation.

The sad reality

I’m concerned, worried and interested as to how some children [youths] are left loose in the streets – adopting scanty and criminal lifestyles. They’re born and brought up in the same society that stereotypes and stigmatises them not knowing, this inturn spikes their indulgences. Society paint them evil, and they’re absorbed by it. That’s the sad reality a sad reality! This is how we [society] some times forsake our owns, on the pretext ‘he is a [black sheep]’.

Cultural flaw

Evidently, when a society like the Gambian society accepts nudity as fashion and modern trend of life, where is the customary significance of belonging to a culture? Why has ‘Rappa’ (an African attire) become extinct by half-naked clothing? Because, society deemed it relevant and accepts it as a code of dress. Hence, society makes the rules.

Change is the only thing certain

Despite the challenges, possibilities are inexchaustible. We must design our societies in a way that commensurate with our norms, values and customs to live honorary as people. It shouldn’t be a society fit for others and unfit for others. It shouldn’t be a society that’s culturally alienated, and of cause, it shouldn’t be a society that discriminates but promotes tranquillity and comradeship.

“For it baffles me how is the African not so proud of the unaltered beauty and glory of her culture, customs and endowments; like the African “Rappa” but extincts it for an indecent flashy wear”

We can all make it better

We must not therefore, only envision but institute a society of inclusiveness and tolerance – of solidarity and honesty. Becoming each other’s brother’s keeper, unite in diversity. To think global yet stay true to the local.

Intrinsically, transformation of a society presupposes that we ought to recognise each other’s capacity, value each other’s effort, and weave first to elevate each other before self. We can all therefore make it better.

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