The President of the Republic of The Gambia
State House,
Banjul, The Gambia

Dear Mr President,

I write to you with utmost sincerity spirited on humility as a concerned citizen.

At first you said; you belong to no tribe, you then said you have Fula and Serahuli relations. Today you’re saying you’re a mandinka. I bet tomorrow or someday soon you might pronounce yourself belonging to another tribe. You’re already becoming a reminiscent of #Jammeh. May I remind you that, your predecessor started like this; he once claimed he was a mandinka, and that he had relatives in Illiasa (North Bank Region) in Mama Tamba Jammeh’s family tree. Then all of a sudden, he becomes the furious anti mandinka (I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be tribal), this gave birth to tribalism in his regime. Here again, it is creeping into the statehouse – hence it is happening all over again. I though we say ‘adieu to tribalism’ why would want to bring back memories that only remind us of division, acrimony and insolence. The Gambiand that voted you in office 2018 are living in dire economic poverty, lack of jobs and expensive living conditions. Think about that and lament about that.

Clearly, your ultimate goal as a president is nothing other than staying longer into that office, even though you cannot do the job. But please sir, be real with yourself, be honest with Gambians and just leave office by 2021.

Mr President, you should be using your time to learn; research, read and think innovatively rather than spinning around tribal sentimentalism, provoking the devil and waking the dead. The Ģambia as we speak is already divided; on ethnicity & partisan politics this trend you’re nurturing Mr President is a potential danger to our existence as people bound by common socio, cultural and political beliefs. What is the significance of your tribal identification? Thus, it is ridiculous, childish, disgusting and uncalled for in the #NewGambia. There is a plethora of burning issues to be addressed and resolved, are those not worthy of your thinking indulgence?


You already demonstrated your true colours;
You are very insecure and anxious, and you’re like soaked in the love for power falling which is not the expectation. Clearly, your ultimate goal as a president is nothing other than staying longer into that office, even though you cannot do the job. But please sir, be real with yourself, be honest with Gambians and just leave office by 2021. Because it is obvious that you cannot do the job, you’re not the kind of leader Gambia desperately needs and want… I suggest you leave 2021 while there will be little popularity and regard accord you.

You cannot say you forget so soon that we are healing from the wounds of tribalism. Uttering such remarks is inflammatory, and so low of a president of this century to be flying with such wings. I intend neither to advice nor criticise you- but simply reminding you of your moral obligations from a citizen who’s tax pays you. And excuse my explicity, the intention is to prick your consciousness as to the magnitude of havoc you could potentially spark with this statement “I am a mandinka”. Your Excellency who feels it knows it, thus the average Gambians are living in deplorable conditions; with endemic poverty, hospitals without drugs, towns and villages with poor road networks, most importantly our education system remain sub-standard. Address these crisis and stop the divide and rule politics.

Take for example Rwanda, they had went through worst, despite Rwanda is abled to ironed themselves together after cruelly killings of one another on the basis of tribal conflicts. And no one dare to speak about tribe in Rwanda. Infact it is banned, everyone go by the identification ‘Rwandans’. This should be your embargo not this unwelcoming tribal rhetoric.

On a final note, your Excellency sir, and with due respect make yourself available for advice of a third party; i mean seek advice from outside the state house and certainly outside your own faculty of thought. Because as appears that, you lack the right guidance and advice as a president of a transitional government. You’re so immersed into the prestigious lifestyle of presidency but lacks the simple art of leadership, and this keep exposing your incompetence, lack of integrity and charisma. What this country need is selfless leaders, honest, pragmatic and development driven. As many likeminded Gambians will conclude, [Gambians need attitudinal change] but how do we transform the subordinates when the leadership is rotten? I therefore humbly seek your attention to reshape the trajectories of your leadership, hence there is lot at stake.

Yours Sincerely,

Lamin Njie, Jnr.

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