CONVID-19, The un-welcomed visitor

By: Alhagie Giel

“Coronavirus” aka “Convid-19” 🤔🤔🤔Well, I think it’s time for me to blaze the trail and talk a little bit about you. For God’s sake, do not expect anything pleasant from me. The connotation of fear and dire agony you bring to mind anytime your name is being echoed is out of the ordinary. I have never felt this scared before. I wished I or any human being wouldn’t know or cross paths with you. Too much have been lost to you within a short span of time. May fire burn you, water wash you, and earth bury you.This being said, this ain’t a best moment to jabber but it’s an important time to express my detest for you and your unwelcomed appearance if not your re appearance. Your arrival here is appallingly grotesque. Woe to you and get back to your place. What/whoever created you, and wherever you may come from, this ain’t your place. We’re too bonded together already to be separated by an alien enemy like you. Besides, humanity has suffered so much through time that it doesn’t deserve to see you. Whether you are yet another capitalistic ploy, a tool for biotech warfare, or what have you, posterity will have to judge that but please get lost for the sake of the special number 19 in your scientific nomenclature. Bye and promise not to come back 👋

Turning back to us, the human race, we have already done enough from depleting our environment to ruining the world through wars and unjustifiable killings of innocent lives. We do not stop at just there. Now that this deadly virus has knocked our doors, many stories, ideas, thoughts, bulletins, etc have been circulating around the world about this demonizing virus most of which are categorically and unscrupulously misleading, whilst the rest are taking this as a laughing stock. If utter truth be told, WE DO NOT need such in this serious crisis. It doesn’t tell well trying to cause panic and apparent chaos in people. If there’s any moment that we could be together, be serious and truthful as a family in a global village, this is the right moment. It is beyond reasonable doubt that along all the package Convid-19 come with, it has nothing positive in it. However, if there is only one, it will be the fact that it has evidently shown us that we are still weak mortals.

With the unimaginable hi-technology designed to land on other planets, the jaw-dropping wealth spent on the manufacturing and maintanance of heavy weaponry ranging from long guns and artillery, to weapons of mass destruction, the trillions of dollars made and exchanged in Wall Street and other international business centers, etc. yet we haven’t been prepared enough for health crises like this one. What is the use of all of these if there’s no individual alive anymore on this planet? Hopefully, we shall all live to reascertain how we want to live our lives immediately after this.

It is needless to say humanity is under siege and all of us should be aware of that. This isn’t either about China or the Middle East or about military/economic rat racing. It’s about the survival of humanity at grave stake. Time and again we collectively failed our ourselves. For instance, at the onset of the development of the virus in China, the rest of the world lagged behind as if nothing would happen. We shouldn’t have done that. Nevertheless, it is passed now. No doubt. But let’s not let that happen again. We will get through it but only if we come together as one family and one global citizens. Together, we can move mountains. Together, we can drive away Convid-19. Stay safe everyone and always go by the precautionary guidelines to stay safe. Best wishes!

One thought on “CONVID-19, The un-welcomed visitor”

  1. Is quiet a master piece. I wish Covid-19 has ears to hear this or the mouth to read it.
    I concord with you on the subject of unnecessary panic alerts. As we speak there are lot of misinformation on the on Covid-19 outbreak. I hope only and pray it never gets into our country #Gambia.



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