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Love Haunt: The search for Romance and Lifelong partnership.

Episode 01.

In the long search for a lifelong partner, Masarr met Yasseh at a local restaurant along the town square. This was, rather coincidental. A gentleman of impeccable looks, charming, cheerful and genuinely handsome. He was a banker, earned good reputation for his professional conduct and foresight. Yasseh, likewise, just finished her university degree in Law (LLB), apparently not employed. A brilliant, discipline and gorgeous flawless lady with immeasurable prospects. Masarr, a young and rising banker, smart and handsome also occasionally visits this Bar to hook up, while Yasseh was at this Bar for the first time on a Thursday evening to attend a party. Though, she’s a reserved and smart lady, but on this very night at this Bar, she wasn’t. Yasseh concealed her true identity, including her educational background, and disguised as another hooker to enjoy her night uninterrupted. In a moment, Masarr arrived, and met her at the Bar counter shipping a drink. Their conversation:

Masarr: “Hey,” upon arriving at the bar, and Yasseh was in her dark blue skirt with a mini leather jacket.

Yasseh: “Hi”. A gentleman in her white-blazer suit, neat and tidy. He grabbed a stool and lean on to place an order. Yasseh smiled mildly at Masarr.

Masarr: “Allow me to buy drinks for you”.

Yasseh: “Thank you. How gentle of you.”

It was beautiful! After sharing pleasantries, they broke into conversation:

Yasseh: “what are you doing at a bar at this time”. It was 8pm, “late for an after work hour drink, don’t you think so. Official business closes since 4pm, sir.” Teasing the guy.

Masarr: “Well, I am about to ask you the the same question. As young, smart and beautiful you looked, what most have possibly bring you to this sort of place. Are you going to school?” Yasseh, almost froze, juxtaposed and comported herself.

Yasseh: “No, I’m a dropped out. And to be frank, this place is one of my favourite spot, especially during weekend”. Yasseh intentionally disguised herself as a hooker, and when she met this guy, who’s niche for fantasy seems unceasing, she explored her chances.

Massar: “For me, it’s a special day, because I seldom come here. Bars are not my favorite spot, I’m only here for a drink”.

This was a momentuous coincidence. A sudden encounter between two strangers of diverse realities with seeemingly common purpose. Yasseh disguised a hooker, while Masarr at Bar looking for one; aren’t they both at the right place at the right time? The night got older, dawn ensued and cocks crowed. The duo exchanged contacts, hence romance blossoms.

Three weeks, few days down the line, everything was just going smooth, until Masarr revealed his true intentions. He was only interested in a hook up? But what more to expect, they met at a Bar. “Well, sometimes I don’t know what to believe, he acts as if he wants me so much, simultaneously, not willing to commit. I feel like he’s not sure” Yasseh in a soliloquy, one day upon getting home from a date with Masarr. “This man can impress me, flirt me but he’s too naive, insecure or perhaps not genuine. Some times I think it is bad experience; you know, an awful past. But I think Masarr needs…. OMG! This can’t be normal.” Yasseh still speaking to herself as she craved Masarr to get things serious.

“I just don’t think she’s my type. I mean, I am not ready for anything serious with her. Despite, she had been lately showing some serious signs of commitment. I can’t bring home a lady i met at a bar, to mother my children”. Masarr told a friend who asked him about his relationship. What do I just heard you say” his friend exclaimed. Not as if all men are the same, but these rotten ones technically spoil the whole bag of men. Masarr has just stereotyped an innocent, decent woman simply becaus their first meet was at a Bar. This is the least expected of such a gentleman and so-called educated man. As unpleasant as learning how inconsiderate some men such as Masarr are, it’s not surprising. He began to avoid Yasseh’s calls and messages. This was after four months in a relationship. Yasseh never tells this guy who she really was. But why? Because Masarr barely show any seriousness towards Yasseh; imagine in the week, he called twice, the third one is often in a weekend, that’s when he needs to meet up with Yasseh.

“I learned about Saturday Night Live through Mas, (that’s how she calls him), every Saturday by 9pm Masarr took me to this club, spent for at most two hours before we end up in his house. Frankly, I do enjoy the company; I mean those flashing lights all over the city scape, the delicious meals with extra ordinary treatments. Oh, it was always fun going out with him. I hate to say this, Mas thinks I am just some girl. He never treats me with much respect or regard. But hell no! As away from the dates we had, i’d tried to held conversations with him on several occasions, but somehow he always dodged it”. Yasseh explained.

“So, this fine evening, I decided to tell him”. “Definitely, It was hurty to hear what Masarr had to respond”. “So you had been lieing to me all this while? Yas! You mean you’r a graduate?” He was thrilled. “I have been trying to explain to you, but you just wouldn’t give me the chance.” Yasseh politely implying. “I need you to know that i still love you Mas, this changes nothing”. “Ofcourse, it changes everything. I was not suprise though; for God sake you’re too good to be a hooker.” However, just to clarify this: you and I are definitely not the same. “Does that mean we’re good? Yasseh rubbing his palms on Masarr’s arms -sensually discomforting him as the duo interlocked eyes. But Masarr couldn’t digest this “You see, it’s hard for me to understand. I wish I could be more honest with you. But let’s take a break, better for all of us to figure this out.” He left her standing at the balcony of a his apartment. “But why? come on Mas”.

Little did Yasseh knew Masarr was actually in a serious relationship with another lady she had already proposed to. Yet, Yasseh’s instincts never misled her. It was explicit that he craved Yasseh’s astonishing beauty and rounded figure in posture. Her dark chocolate skin with a smile that resembles the galaxies. He did not necessarily love her genuinely. Not as if that is weird, it is natural for humans to crave luxuries, so does for man to be seductively attracted to a woman. Like an exploration, Yasseh disguised as a hooker to look for a genuine, loving and caring man who would never find flaws of women challenging; a journey of long search for love, romance and a lifelong partnership – but after a long ride with Masarr, life prevailed.

Meanwhile, she went critical; “should I be diminished for purposedly concealing my identity? Notwithstanding, was he right to end things after learning about my true identity? This was just few months into a relationship. I’m not sure if I should be saying this, but there’s no or little decent men out there with clear conscience as to what they want. They’re always hiding something”. Because, Masarr never came clear about his true intentions for Yasseh. This is beyond insecurity, it is called ‘deceit fantasy’: a man’s niche to fling around with women flamboyantly, knowing he has no intention of marrying them. They can post to be gentle, caring and loving with camouflag desires. Apparently, things were finally promising between them, as Masarr become more committed. Yasseh secured a job with one law firm as a paralegal; both goes to work in the morning and when returning, they usually share the same car. But just like they said “true colors don’t hide forever”.

For Yasseh, it was like a dream coming true, she becomes a more happy person, focused and driven as a career woman, but also as a hubby to Masarr. Her beauty become more glowing than ever. Even though Yasseh wasn’t as well sure of Masarr, as he wasn’t, the two were enjoying the fantasy “Knock, knock, baby are you in? Please come and help with these logages”. It was Masarr’s finacee, and Yasseh was just at his house for the weekend. She had just prepared breakfast while Masarr was in the shower. “Hello, how you ma’am?” Yasseh opened the door for the lady. “Hey don’t ma’am me, who are you and where’s my fiance”?. The lady said with a loud voice. “Are you referring to Masarr?” Yasseh asked softly. “Yes, I am. Who are you? “No, it doesn’t matter. You mean Masarr is your husband to be?” Yasseh asked for the second time with a haughty tone. Without hesitation, she took a quick U-turn, rushed into their room, packed her stuffs and left angrily before Masarr even stepped out of the shower at 10:30 am.

One day, After three years down the line. Along the office of Yasseh, as he parked his car next to Yasseh’s unknowningly, as he alighted from his car, the security approached and cautioned him that he just parked at a no-parking lot. within a moment, Yasseh came out, looking more beautiful than the last time Masarr saw her. Captivating, stunning and cheerful she looked. He became stroke by what he saw. Like they said, “a beautiful woman is every man’s weakness”. Intermittently: “I recognize you” he pointed Yasseh with a genuine smile, rather surprisingly. “Myself? ohh okay. Where? And who are you please?” “Are you not Yasseh?”. “Yes I am. Is that Masarr”? She deliberately asked “Yes, it has been a while”. Like it ended in an all friendly goodbye. It was a show of maturity between them. “Hell yes it has. But I have a meeting to catch at UN, like very urgent so could you give me a call later, please. Here’s my card.” Masarr looking startling.

Yasseh left him standing stunted as she softly open her car door before the gentleman. Yasseh, rose up the ladder at work as an Associate Manager. Within a year after this coincident at his office, she got married to a friend of Masarr who is a Director at a Tech firm. However, her story with Yasseh remained an untold secret because Yasseh already told the friend of Masarr, her husband. Masarr, broke up with the fiancee after that scandal with Yasseh and continued his unending love haunt: the search for romance and lifelong partnership.

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