I have concluded that there cannot be anything as sacred as honesty as far as leadership is concerned. Honesty is a commodity most of us claim to possessed, in reality only few can purchase this hard-earned currency. Being honest in any situation is a hard-choice many people find intrigued in making. Yes, it is, because apparently in Gambia we have people as significant as our leaders who cannot be honest. If our leaders can say anything while they seek our votes, and retrieved it upon getting into office, or act in contrary then ‘being honest’ is indeed a hard-earned currency – and our leaders cannot just afford it. Just as Oscar Wilde put it, “the truth is rarely pure and never simple”.

The series of promises the president makes to Gambian people during the 2016 campaigns and the terrain of the government apparently, are two opposite realities. Unequivocally, they were meant for political gains, pre-meditated and intended to canvas votes. Thus, this only shatter hopes at the end of the day. Therefore, Gambia, is time to reflect and reason to whom we entrust power to again 2021.

Time and again, they make promises they can ever fulfill, introduce policies that aren’t the least realistic, what follows are embezzlement – While Gambian people extantly suffer in poverty, pain, agony and distress from the political and economic class; those entrusted with state power, authority, resources and integrity. They are the “ambassadors of poverty, who’s heads, are abroad and anus at home, the corrupt masters of our economy”. We must not repeat the same mistake of voting out of desperation – we must make an informed decision 2021. We have seen the traitors, the demagogues and the political impostors. Their ungrateful beings and greedy wings are hard to unnoticed as they ‘grab while their time last’ with no remorse, shame or morale.

President Adama Barrow, sometime in Janunary, 2017

It therefore begs these questions, why must we continue to vote for such inconsiderate human beings and cunning elites? Why must we continue to ride with these politicians on the pretext of lies and deceptive policies? When our miserable lives of poverty, injustice and inequality deteriorates. This is neither inherited nor destined but invested in us by our so-called politicians. Don’t we learn? Should these continue to define our reality as a nation? NO! it shouldn’t. We need a meaningful change; by this, not only a change of leadership, government or regime. But a change that will transform the system and institutions of the state. To begin with, we must first teach ourselves, peers, colleagues and most importantly our children about patriotism and core values of a civilized, liberated and informed citizenry – homes, schools, traffics, market and in the streets.

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