As we’ve reached to a more or less escalation in the fight against racism, injustices and police brutality on the people of colour in everywhere around the world, there’s unprecedented hope for bigger changes anytime soon. With the onslaughts of widespread uprisings across the globe recently all precipitated by the brutal killing of a brother in humanity by some miscreant derelicts that represent a repressive system, here I put a knee down and raise my hand high in the air to not only celebrate the victory but urge everyone to be a rejecter of bad conduct. What the future holds remains promising and part of this assures one that this bad depriving system against the black race and other minorities is peering towards its doomsday.

We, as man- and woman-kind, continue to mourn George Floyd. His demise is deeply painful but it is one that marks the beginning of an end to centuries of racism and injustices meted out on minorities profound of whom are blacks. The trio savages pinned him down and eventually took his life but he is not dead. His flesh and born are covered in deep yonder the earth but his spirit is right here amongst our midst (the people of conscience, reason, and empathy) of which the sensation can be felt in the hearts of those with one. Well, everybody has a body but not every body has a heart. His name shall forever be remembered in world history henceforth. My 21-gun salute fired in honour of King George!!!

Fast forward, King George Floyd cried and begged for only one thing ‘I COULDN’T BREATHE’ until his life was taken. One thing that is as small as a second yet he was deprived of it until he is no more. What an utter wickedness shown here! It can’t get off my mind and since then, my being is grossly affected. It makes me scared of not the police but the system all around the world. This ain’t only about George Floyd, the three ex-police officers, racism against blacks or the United States anymore. It goes beyond that limit. This bizarre scene is found in everywhere on the globe. It is a global phenomenon. One more lethal than Covid-19, HIV, and other diseases that kill people in more than twos and threes. All the time, governments and their respective institutions subtly propagate and administer such wickedness on the people. This is all they do: killing innocent harmless people.

Cinemagraphically, the killer ex-police officer represents the bad governments we have, the other two police officers, the allies of oppressive regimes in this case, are the internal institutions like the Justice Department, Mr Floyd, the victim, is the poor people, and the bystanders who prefer taking videos and avoid being convicted of assault over saving a goddamn dying harmless man are the International Institutions like WB, AU,ICC, IMF, Ecowas, etc.

This was done on Mr Floyd. Nevertheless, thinking that we are likewise not pinned down on the ground and being suffocated is a mortal sin. Yes, we are all in the same shoe as Mr Floyd. In the same victimised shoe of oppression, marginalization, corruption, crookedness, and servitude. He is just part of a bigger group that can’t breathe to a system that keeps suffocating them. The struggle and fight for BLM, black consciousness, and racial discriminations lives on and on within us until changes do not only occur on the workplace, the streets of USA, or in the law books but also in everywhere else in the world and in every aspect in society .

The struggle continues until and unless crooked and corrupt governments, leaders, bad institutions, and legacies of tyrants and tyranny are stopped, dismantled, discredited from wining and dining from our sweat, blood, and flesh. Until then, avenging the lives of George Floyd, Dr King, Elhaji Malik Al-Shabaab, Thomas Sankere, Bob Marley, and millions of others brutally and unjustifiably taken remain far from realization.

To be continued…


Alhagie Lowe alias Elijah is an Essayist and a Social Commentator. He holds a B.A in English language and Economics from the University of The Gambia (UTG). He’s also a contributing writer at The Liberal Post

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