Change they said it is the only certainty in life. Notwithstanding, it is one of the most difficult and rather complex a choice man and the world by large is often confronted with. Either a change of personal life; change of government, a change of job, a change of environment, norm or culture. Change occurs in different perspectives and in all walks of life. Often, rather than not, we cling too formidably to our past or existing conditions that we seldom consider change. This has disproportionately disadvantaged some and left many a people and country indecisive of their fate as these phobias for change persist. Little did we know, we cannot be what we need to be by remaining what we are. This is evident of the fact that, life is a changing cycle – nothing on the face of the earth remain ever the same. If we can remember who we were and where we were ten years ago, compare that to present day, then we ought to know better. Because, everyone grows – as the true nature of life. Governments, institutions, people and even school syllabuses undergo changes – in hindsight, change is the only certainty. So it heartens to witness a generation of leaders and systems downplay change as per their greed and thirst for power.

If there is anything important in change, it is the opportunity to break away from the norm, dismantle shackles of oppression and barriers to seek freedom and embrace the courage to be challenged. It is the zeal to pursuit relentlessly goals and settle for nothing less. Although change can be either good or bad, in all dynamism, man must seek good and positive change. As positive change brings out the best in everything; It exterminate existing limiting forces to growth and progress, while negative change will bring out the worst in everything. It is the kind of change no men of good conscience desire; it is unfulfilling and ruins before it mends. Beside, life is made up of series of experiences that continuously shape our realities as we grow. These are neither obstacles nor threats but hurdles to be crossed. They’re are necessary part of the journey of life, just as how the dictators, the tyrants and despots are important expendables for eradicating poverty, injustice and bad governance.

Change often sounds trivial and easy-to-do but it can be precarious; as in becoming a better version of anything, it is a must to be fiercely zealous, unapologetically determine and brazenly ambitious. Likewise, to extricate a system for a better version is a necessity that requires will power. After all, the world is a combination of good and evil, new and old, peculiar and common, strong and weak. And in much as these realities are unsolicited, they are the building blocks of our societies and our lives evolves around them daily. Because seekers do not rest on the laurels of imagination and procrastination but persevere consistently in their quest. Meaningful change requires us to be consistently bold, brave and willing. As when we seek solutions to our problems such as; who become our president? Who become our parliamentarian? what kind of government can do the needful? or What kind of education do i want for my children? What kind of impact do we seek to make in the world? they remain an imagination, a thought and a dream until will, effort and perseverance is disburse into it. That’s until we’re willing and committed to change, then we will realize how life evolves around change.

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