The Raw and Unscripted: Pt.1

To have been there, seen it, feel it, and liven it, is the wholesome of any experience. Going through school, one could not be oblivious of the raw, ugly, beautiful, the dark, the light, the passionate, the petty, the kind, and the cruel life of it. School life is an interesting, exciting, and important endeavor in a lifetime. At most, everyone in our generation have one way or another do some school life. while many may have it on a silver plate, many others have it the hard the way. “I recalled I brought my own table and chair to school at my first grade, it may sound weird today but it was a fulfilling experience.” An old man said to a school going boy by the road, dressed neatly, and smart In a light blue shirt and dark short trouser uniform. The boy smile at the old man and say “things have changed Dad” the school boy responded with a soft speech, and his head bowed down as he walked passed the old man.

Conventional schooling used to be a forbidden fruit in provincial African societies. Today if you are not schooled, and educated in the rigorous ABC and 123 , you’ll probably be an outcast or some sort in their midst. Despite, It’ll amazed you to learn that lessons are taken under the shade of mango trees or on marts with school children sitting with legs stretched on the marts like traditional initiates in rural setups. Unlike most schools in the city, they’re electrified, classrooms have fans fixed on the roof blowing on the students as lessons are on, grotesque of inequality, poor governance and centralized development. A persistent flaw in leaderships of our governments yet unable to rid-off, and like a cancer it continue to eat at us. Conventional schooling was reserved for the privilege, and particularly male children in the 1960s towards the 1990s. Girls, women and females were limited to household chore, neat into boxes of kitchen and mothering. Until the 21st Century, when boys, girls, men and women wear skirt, trouser and tuck in their shirts, and bore their bags.

At school, various and all kind of life exist, and there is never an equilibrium, things have always work one’s favor in one way or another. You see children come to school rough, tired, hungry and sometime unfriendly. Yet ambitious, brilliant and focus. While others come with flashy shoes, stuffed with school materials, and appeared all civilized and neat, yet reckless, non-challan, and dull. More over, the dissent in class, between, among classmates and schoolmates is terribly exciting. Students tease each other on things such as who’s more of a eater, more of a slumber, more chaste or more of the opposite. Unequivocally, unpleasant notification of hunger in frequency is annoying, and very discomforting for everyone but exceptionally especially for school going children. Fortunately, many children in rural Gambia haven’t experience much of the aforementioned, school feeding has been here since the early 1990s. Yet, few still suffer this predicament in some part of the country due to poverty and bad governance.

The uniform symbolizes uniformity and equality in the school system, hence the pupils/students are like park of wolfs, with different strength and weaknesses but the same objective. School make us accommodating, tolerant, and human enough to appreciate and treat a colleague next to equal. One among many good values school inculcate in you; is to learn to unite in our diversities. It build us into better social beings, transformers, change makers, problem solvers, and leaders. Notwithstanding, beyond uniforms live characters, morals and values. As pupils/students come from diverse communities, homes, and families. Each with their flaws, morals, beliefs and values that define us. Some are insolent, arrogant, and outspoken. Some are shy, respectful, and reserved. It was on a Wednesday morning, pupils were all in class, and the teacher walked in. He was late, and quickly apologize for been late. Suddenly, a student asked “why are you late?”. The teacher was shocked as no students has ever ask him such a question. “Well, it’s personal” he tries to be gentle, linear, and polite. “I think I deserve to know, after all is our school fees you’re being paid with, we basically pay you” the boy added. “Leave my class please, now!” The teacher asks him out, to his dismay, the student refused.

_To be continued.

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