Global leaders must fulfill health commitments to African women, children, and adolescents, as COVID-19 threatens service provision 

Before COVID-19, countries were seeing significant advances in WCAH in line with the 2030 development goals, yet progress was uneven across different regions. The African continent accounts for 23 percent of the global burden of disease, despite having only 17 percent of the world’s population, according to data from AMREF. Thus, the imperative for swift and … Continue reading Global leaders must fulfill health commitments to African women, children, and adolescents, as COVID-19 threatens service provision 

On December 2021: We Are Reclaiming back Peoples’Power

On December 2, 2016, elections became a proven fact, a historic and symbolic moment for the Gambian people. It was phenomenal, inspirational, and fulfilling to had ousted a two-decade sitting dictator through the ballot box. As critical as that was, if we could muster the courage and wield our powers as electorates, at that uncertain time, I have no second thought that we would do better come December 4th, 2021. Since elected representatives consistently prove their disservice to Gambian masses, elections are prime moments to hold them to meaningful accountability. By this, our vote would spea vehemently loud. This is how we reclaim back the peoples’ power

Gambia: We Must Re-Shape Our Political Discourses

The power of speech empowers citizens, gives them voice, gives them courage, and the capacity to make abstract judgments on what is right or wrong. Likewise, it also renders a golden opportunity for politicians wishing to market their policies. Since the activity of politics results in decisions that establish constraints and possibilities for how people live, it behooves citizens to be proactive, discipline, and civil in leveraging on this power. This demands that civic space does not have to be toxic, or repugnant, rather democratic, free, fair, and impartial.


While digital transformation is require in any society that seeks to progress in the 21st century, Gambia does not even have a trajectory to build digital infrastructures, and there cannot be digital transformation without digital infrastructures. Also, consumers too need trusted products and services from telecommunications & internet providers alike, that is fair, affordable, and sustainable.

Who Protects Gambian Consumers like Passengers?

Drivers like businesses capitalize on the increase in demand for transport and adjust fares for consumer passengers unjustifiably. Most businesses in The Gambia are run by foreign merchants, however, commercial transport is predominantly Gambian drivers and Gambian car owners, yet fares are indiscriminately increased just because the demand rises. This is injustice and fall short to safeguard consumer protection rights as stated in Gambia Consumer Protection Act 2014, section (b) subsection (6), (11) (k) making false or misleading statements of fact concerning the reasons for; the existence of, or amounts of price reduction; or (i)engaging in any other conduct which similarly creates a likelihood of confusion or of misunderstanding for consumers. This is the reality on the ground and Gambian consumers continue to be at the mercy of the drivers and businesses alike.

Similar Process, Different Objective: South Africa’s TRC and Gambia’s TRRC

As South Africans were divided and ruled on racial lines by minority whites South Africans with the aid of other South Africans, The Gambia's dark days began after a few disgruntled armed men took it up themselves to overthrow a legitimate government, and later ruled the country with laws they deemed fitting to themselves with the help of lawyers, technocrats, security apparatus, and religious leaders. This later became a one-man show - who manipulated, monopolized, and perpetuated dictatorship to serve his ultimate individual interests at the expense of the masses.

The Raw and Unscripted: Pt.2

In the classroom, everyone is equally treated, but of course there is always 'an apple eye' of the teacher amongst the student folk. Like a herd, the teacher is the shepherd of the class. But even in the jungle, the herdsmen do not dwindle the welfare of the bulls, and the grazing of cows. The former for protecting the herd and conjugal duties, while the latter for milking. Inevitably, there are always those that will lead the class in exams, in tests and even in disturbance, the important thing is not be caught on the wrong footing all through your time in school.

The Raw and Unscripted: Pt.1

At school, various and all kind of life exist, and there is never an equilibrium, things have always work one's favor in one way or another. You see children come to school rough, tired, hungry and sometime unfriendly. Yet ambitious, brilliant and focus. While others come with flashy shoes, stuffed with school materials, and appeared all civilized and neat, yet reckless, non-challan, and dull. More over, the dissent in class, between, among classmates and schoolmates is terribly exciting. Students tease each other on things such as who's more of a eater, more of a slumber, more chaste or more of the opposite.

Pride meets Wisdom In Glory

Pride chose to never return to school since then, and even though the committee had not decided any verdict on his case. "He just couldn't let go of arrogance. He lacked the fortitude for humility. That is what pride does, it consumes you alive, arrogant, and made many loss it all in their endeavors". Remarked Wisdom.

A Sunday Read: Life Evolves around Change

Change often sounds trivial and easy-to-do but it can be precarious; as in becoming a better version of anything, it is a must to be fiercely zealous, unapologetically determine and brazenly ambitious. More so, to extricate a system for a better version is a necessity that requires will power. After all, the world is a combination of good and evil, new and old, peculiar and common, strong and weak. And in much as these realities are unsolicited, they are the building blocks of our societies and our lives evolves around them daily


I hope we reflect and reason as election approaches. Because it's our fate that hangs on the balance. Our children lack quality education, our pockets are often empty, our roads are horrible, hospitals lack equipment as basic as ventilators, oxygen machines and even gloves. This is appalling to say the least. In the autumn, we're the judge in our own case. So how do we want the verdict to be?

‘On the Eve of His Marriage’: An Ode by Sly

This poem renders so much to its readers than the poet could even imagine. It depicts an exquisite friendship between two people. And after years of riding, grinding and thriving together, and now that one of them is getting married – the poet could not but compose an Ode, a succinct and thoughtful piece - a genuine effort to bid his best friend and confidante farewell into couple life. The title of the poem ‘ON THE EVE OF HIS MARRIAGE’ depicts the exact circumstances in which in was at the time he writes the poem.

Analyses of Lenrie Peters Poem ‘We Have come Home’

This poem celebrates African students who have returned to their country after overseas study. To overcome all manner of prejudice and hardship in a hostile environment to get an education and return alive, was like surviving a war. Dejected, sad, humiliated, yet they were proud they were victorious and made it home in all good pieces. Their souls have been destroyed through indignation; they have been educated out of their culture and almost brought up to look down on themselves.

Power Play: A Tale of two distinct characters in a Familiar world.

Scandals affect companies in an adverse way that could erode the good reputation of such a company. As a result stockholders can retract their investments which is just bad for business. All these are amongst the legion of reasons why UPI cannot afford a scandal, especially from the CEO. Marshall Weston now found himself in a dilemma, a hot soup. The options are; to choose Liz, his family and the corporate wife that supports him and standby him in times of both hard and smooth, the one he legally married or to choose the girl of his dreams; the young Californian damsel Ashley Briggs. A young pretty lady in her prime and emotionally vulnerable. The young beauty he's passionately attracted to, irresistibly in love with her as he claimed but spent eight years procrastinating to marry her, while enjoying the intimacy, the cuddling and the romance she renders.

Gambia: Time to Reflect and Reason as Election Looms Pt.1

The series of promises the president makes to Gambian people during the 2016 campaigns and the terrain of the government apparently, are two opposite realities. Unequivocally, they were meant for political gains, pre-meditated and intended to canvas votes. Thus, this only shatter hopes at the end of the day. Therefore, Gambia, is time to reflect and reason for whom to entrust power to again come what may in 2021.

The Invincible Foe: A Lethal Virus that Stroke Humanity|Covid-19

A lethal virus has stroke humanity while left us imagining our world anew. It is the world’s newest threat and most ferocious enemy – ravaging three third of the world’s population. A potent mass murderer that has claim thousands of lives, jobs and restrict normal life. As heart-rending as it sounds, global poverty is expected to increase for the first time in more than two decades. According to recent analysis from the World Bank, “about 49 million people from Sub-Sahara Africa and South Asia will be push into poverty”. These is one among legion of impacts this invincible foe has cause humanity.

Covid-19: The Prevailing Bias in MoBSE’s Distance Learning Initiative

To define equity in its broadest terms; it is having the opportunity and resources that everyone needs to succeed at whatever level, thus, where is equity in this initiative? When one section of the students benefit from all the opportunities that this initiative brings along, while other students are left unattended to. This is the growing unchanging opportunity gaps which keep widening the achievement gaps in our education system, yet.

The Phoenix: Depicting Africa’s Untold realities on Women Abuse and the unending Colonialism

Through these poems, a typical traditional African socio cultural norms are exposed yet challenged. The anthology pictured patriarchy as the foundation of all oppression of women and girls, thus resolve to give them purpose while amplifying their voices in a male dominant society. Like a monarchy, she presents patriarchy as a kingdom where men are kings and women are merely subjects. For instance, women are neat and box into kitchen, gardening and housekeeping. No significance is attached to their rights as women.....

Gambia Lacks a Leader – First Lesson learned from Covid-19 Global Pandemic

One thing came clear, a deficient leadership always manifests it's real colors in trying times like Covid-19 pandemic. As this is when the masses need support, camaraderie, solidarity and fulfillment of duties from their leaders. Times like this, we expect extraordinary leadership outputs as Covid-19 is an extraordinary crisis. To our dismay, this is when the leadership of this country showcases it's worst. Indeed, unfortunate is a nation without a leader, and I have no doubt Covid-19 will left us with great lessons. These aren't limited to the havoc it have & continue to do, but humanity itself will never be the same. Things would never be same; neither panic nor paranoid. Be not distress or break into anxiety, for this one too will pass.

Public Transport is Becoming a Nightmare

It might look trivial to them because it doesn't affect them; but it is as critical & important as anything else. The chaos, quarrels and the unpleasant exchanges that's happening by day in the traffic, especially going from Westfield toTabokoto is unhealthy, uncivilized and can at anytime graduate to serious conflicts if the relevant authorities … Continue reading Public Transport is Becoming a Nightmare

Human Rights Day Commemoration- A Reflection on The Gambia from an Environment and Natural Resource Perspective.

By: Omar Malmo Jnr The government of The Gambia (past and present) and big businesses are the biggest violators of Human Rights and Freedom in the Gambia. The Gambia as a country has signed and ratified many UN conventions, domesticated the language of these conventions in her laws but cannot be felt in the day-to-day … Continue reading Human Rights Day Commemoration- A Reflection on The Gambia from an Environment and Natural Resource Perspective.

2019 WORLD ANTI-CORRUPTION DAY – What is Gambia Doing About Corruption?

According to the World Economic Forum Report, globally the cost of corruption is at least $2.6 trillion, sum it up to say, 5% of the world’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is left to lose to corruption. And no country, state or nation is immune to the negative impacts of corruption. It is on this premise … Continue reading 2019 WORLD ANTI-CORRUPTION DAY – What is Gambia Doing About Corruption?

A Deadly Fantasy – Shisha Smoking in Gambia

For whatsoever reason, smoking seriously damages health, although life can be interesting and overwhelming sometimes, especially if you’re in your prime. As youths, there is too much energy and passion generated in doing the things we often find enjoyable and exciting and hoping that these excitements never end, which is a human trait – [to crave]. Unfortunately, the excitement in question do more harm than good to us as young people; it is a deadly fantasy. Smoking shisha is detrimental and can post serious non-communicable diseases (NCDs). It is heart-aching knowing majority of our young people, both men and women are into smoking shisha because they find it sophisticated and fantasizing