ASHDEN 2020: African clean energy pioneers are among global climate solutions driving a green recovery from Coronavirus

Five projects in Africa offering climate solutions were given global recognition in the prestigious annual Ashden Awards this year. The Ashden Awards are given to low carbon pioneers around the world which are creating resilience, green growth, and fairer societies.

Analyses of Lenrie Peters Poem ‘We Have come Home’

This poem celebrates African students who have returned to their country after overseas study. To overcome all manner of prejudice and hardship in a hostile environment to get an education and return alive, was like surviving a war. Dejected, sad, humiliated, yet they were proud they were victorious and made it home in all good pieces. Their souls have been destroyed through indignation; they have been educated out of their culture and almost brought up to look down on themselves.

Love Haunt: The search for Romance and Lifelong partnership.

"A gentleman of impeccable looks, charming, cheerful and genuinely handsome. He was a banker, earned good reputation for his professional conduct and foresight. Yasseh, likewise, just finished her university degree in Law (LLB), apparently not employed. A brilliant, discipline and gorgeous flawless lady with immeasurable prospects. Masarr, a young and rising banker, smart and handsome, also occasionally visits this Bar to hook up"

Covid-19: The Prevailing Bias in MoBSE’s Distance Learning Initiative

To define equity in its broadest terms; it is having the opportunity and resources that everyone needs to succeed at whatever level, thus, where is equity in this initiative? When one section of the students benefit from all the opportunities that this initiative brings alon while others students are left unattended to. This is the growing unchanging opportunity gaps which keep widening the achievement gaps in our education system, yet.

The Phoenix: Depicting Africa’s Untold realities on Women Abuse and Colonialism

Through these poems, a quintessential of traditional African socio cultural norms are exposed yet challenged. The anthology pictured patriarchy as the foundation of all oppression of women and girls, thus resolve to give them purpose while amplifying their voices in a male dominant society. Like a monarchy, she presents patriarchy as a kingdom where men are kings and women are merely subjects. For instance, women are neat and box into kitchen, gardening and housekeeping. No significance is attached to their rights as women.....

Grand Challenge Canada Innovators Mobilize to Help Developing Countries Combat COVID-19

“To overcome the unprecedented global health challenges presented by COVID-19, the world needs innovation and ingenuity. Over the past 10 years, Canada’s funding for Grand Challenges Canada has helped hundreds of innovative ideas become a reality. Today, some of those very ideas are saving lives by helping people prevent and respond to COVID-19 and other health challenges in developing countries.”

Beauty in Cooking

Cooking is an inherent skill most women possessed, although there’re few exceptions to this, “I can remember visiting a childhood friend who’s wife cannot cook” this was thus, a unique experience for me, which later became a proven fact to a cliche that ‘there’re women who cannot cook, as absurd as I may sound, “life is a series of untold stories” but this is one among the lot.

Gambia Lacks a Leader – First Lesson learned from Covid-19 Global Pandemic

One thing came clear, a deficient leadership always manifests it's real colors in trying times like Covid-19 pandemic. As this is when the masses need support, camaraderie, solidarity and fulfillment of duties from their leaders. Times like this, we expect extraordinary leadership outputs as Covid-19 is an extraordinary crisis. To our dismay, this is when the leadership of this country showcases it's worst. Indeed, unfortunate is a nation without a leader, and I have no doubt Covid-19 will left us with great lessons. These aren't limited to the havoc it have & continue to do, but humanity itself will never be the same. Things would never be same; neither panic nor paranoid. Be not distress or break into anxiety, for this one too will pass. Let's

Public Transport is Becoming a Nightmare

It might look trivial to them because it doesn't affect them; but it is as critical & important as anything else. The chaos, quarrels and the unpleasant exchanges that's happening by day in the traffic, especially going from Westfield toTabokoto is unhealthy, uncivilized and can at anytime graduate to serious conflicts if the relevant authorities … Continue reading Public Transport is Becoming a Nightmare

Human Rights Day Commemoration- A Reflection on The Gambia from an Environment and Natural Resource Perspective.

By: Omar Malmo Jnr The government of The Gambia (past and present) and big businesses are the biggest violators of Human Rights and Freedom in the Gambia. The Gambia as a country has signed and ratified many UN conventions, domesticated the language of these conventions in her laws but cannot be felt in the day-to-day … Continue reading Human Rights Day Commemoration- A Reflection on The Gambia from an Environment and Natural Resource Perspective.

2019 WORLD ANTI-CORRUPTION DAY – What is Gambia Doing About Corruption?

According to the World Economic Forum Report, globally the cost of corruption is at least $2.6 trillion, sum it up to say, 5% of the world’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is left to lose to corruption. And no country, state or nation is immune to the negative impacts of corruption. It is on this premise … Continue reading 2019 WORLD ANTI-CORRUPTION DAY – What is Gambia Doing About Corruption?

A Deadly Fantasy – Shisha Smoking in Gambia

For whatsoever reason, smoking seriously damages health, although life can be interesting and overwhelming sometimes, especially if you’re in your prime. As youths, there is too much energy and passion generated in doing the things we often find enjoyable and exciting and hoping that these excitements never end, which is a human trait – [to crave]. Unfortunately, the excitement in question do more harm than good to us as young people; it is a deadly fantasy. Smoking shisha is detrimental and can post serious non-communicable diseases (NCDs). It is heart-aching knowing majority of our young people, both men and women are into smoking shisha because they find it sophisticated and fantasizing

Could this be Gambia’s ‘Me Too’? The Hashtag #IamToufah movement

Hashtag IamToufah (IamToufah) has spread all over the social media to mobilise support and solidarity with victims of rape (not only Jammeh’s victims) but for all the other victims of sexual violence. Social movements are not positive or negative agents of history, of modernisation, or of the liberation of mankind, rather they act in a … Continue reading Could this be Gambia’s ‘Me Too’? The Hashtag #IamToufah movement