The Raw and Unscripted: Pt.2

In the classroom, everyone is equally treated, but of course there is always 'an apple eye' of the teacher amongst the student folk. Like a herd, the teacher is the shepherd of the class. But even in the jungle, the herdsmen do not dwindle the welfare of the bulls, and the grazing of cows. The former for protecting the herd and conjugal duties, while the latter for milking. Inevitably, there are always those that will lead the class in exams, in tests and even in disturbance, the important thing is not be caught on the wrong footing all through your time in school.

The Raw and Unscripted: Pt.1

At school, various and all kind of life exist, and there is never an equilibrium, things have always work one's favor in one way or another. You see children come to school rough, tired, hungry and sometime unfriendly. Yet ambitious, brilliant and focus. While others come with flashy shoes, stuffed with school materials, and appeared all civilized and neat, yet reckless, non-challan, and dull. More over, the dissent in class, between, among classmates and schoolmates is terribly exciting. Students tease each other on things such as who's more of a eater, more of a slumber, more chaste or more of the opposite.

Pride meets Wisdom In Glory

Pride chose to never return to school since then, and even though the committee had not decided any verdict on his case. "He just couldn't let go of arrogance. He lacked the fortitude for humility. That is what pride does, it consumes you alive, arrogant, and made many loss it all in their endeavors". Remarked Wisdom.

The Invincible Foe: A Lethal Virus that Stroke Humanity|Covid-19

A lethal virus has stroke humanity while left us imagining our world anew. It is the world’s newest threat and most ferocious enemy – ravaging three third of the world’s population. A potent mass murderer that has claim thousands of lives, jobs and restrict normal life. As heart-rending as it sounds, global poverty is expected to increase for the first time in more than two decades. According to recent analysis from the World Bank, “about 49 million people from Sub-Sahara Africa and South Asia will be push into poverty”. These is one among legion of impacts this invincible foe has cause humanity.