‘On the Eve of His Marriage’: An Ode by Sly

This poem renders so much to its readers than the poet could even imagine. It depicts an exquisite friendship between two people. And after years of riding, grinding and thriving together, and now that one of them is getting married – the poet could not but compose an Ode, a succinct and thoughtful piece - a genuine effort to bid his best friend and confidante farewell into couple life. The title of the poem ‘ON THE EVE OF HIS MARRIAGE’ depicts the exact circumstances in which in was at the time he writes the poem.

Analyses of Lenrie Peters Poem ‘We Have come Home’

This poem celebrates African students who have returned to their country after overseas study. To overcome all manner of prejudice and hardship in a hostile environment to get an education and return alive, was like surviving a war. Dejected, sad, humiliated, yet they were proud they were victorious and made it home in all good pieces. Their souls have been destroyed through indignation; they have been educated out of their culture and almost brought up to look down on themselves.

The Phoenix: Depicting Africa’s Untold realities on Women Abuse and the unending Colonialism

Through these poems, a typical traditional African socio cultural norms are exposed yet challenged. The anthology pictured patriarchy as the foundation of all oppression of women and girls, thus resolve to give them purpose while amplifying their voices in a male dominant society. Like a monarchy, she presents patriarchy as a kingdom where men are kings and women are merely subjects. For instance, women are neat and box into kitchen, gardening and housekeeping. No significance is attached to their rights as women.....