CONVID-19, The un-welcomed visitor

By: Alhagie Giel"Coronavirus" aka "Convid-19" 🤔🤔🤔Well, I think it's time for me to blaze the trail and talk a little bit about you. For God's sake, do not expect anything pleasant from me. The connotation of fear and dire agony you bring to mind anytime your name is being echoed is out of the ordinary.... Continue Reading →

I Hope this Pricks your Conscience: Backway is not the Solution

Today, we mourn young abled Gambians who could have become anything in the future because of their desire, ample ambition; coupled with their zeal to break the circle of poverty and inequality. It was a mission of good course. They simply feeling the devastation of poverty and economic inequality. May God have mercy on their souls.

A Deadly Fantasy – Shisha Smoking in Gambia

For whatsoever reason, smoking seriously damages health, although life can be interesting and overwhelming sometimes, especially if you’re in your prime. As youths, there is too much energy and passion generated in doing the things we often find enjoyable and exciting and hoping that these excitements never end, which is a human trait – [to crave]. Unfortunately, the excitement in question do more harm than good to us as young people; it is a deadly fantasy. Smoking shisha is detrimental and can post serious non-communicable diseases (NCDs). It is heart-aching knowing majority of our young people, both men and women are into smoking shisha because they find it sophisticated and fantasizing

We’re the society – [people]

The fact of the matter is that, to a great deal we are shaped by our societal norms, customs and values as people. It is the society that determines the kind of life we may live, even though not everyone succumbs to societal norms and teachings, especially in this generation. However, society is our origination.

Although, society may not be as important as i may put it, but it is instrumental in shaping our growth and development - as an individual and as citizens.

Is a Question of Unity & Honesty

Unity, is the catalyst for collective progress and sustainable development. As when people are willing to keep their differences aside and forge a strong alliance for common interest, there's to no limit what they can achieve. Unity is power, and a united society is a harmonious society one which guarantees tolerance, peaceful coexistence and social... Continue Reading →


Corruption is one of the most formidable challenges to good governance, development and poverty reduction in Africa. As captured in the report of Transparency International Report CPI index 2018. In this report, Gambia scored 30 and ranked 130 out of 180 among the least corrupt. Corruption undermines development, human rights and sovereignty of a nation,... Continue Reading →

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