Book Reviews

Power Play is a thriller, a love story and a family affair. It is a book that will keep you at it. As you read, you got immerse in it unimaginably. The book is themed on power dynamics and what some people do to secure positions, authority and reputation. It is a given that power like wealth is never enough for many that has taste it. The character of Marshall Weston has proven this to be a fact. He is the perfect type of guy who uses his power and position to live a double life. A mistress and a family. And weave first to pay a bimbo off the moment his clandestine one night stand was divulged, in a bid to avoid a scandal. His wife, a law graduate who threw her degree into the bin, stayed home, and be his corporate wife, support him on his career and be a mother to their children has become the victim of a liar, a cheat and man who’s always involve in sex scandals.