Love Haunt: The search for Romance and Lifelong Partnership. Episode 2.

Aware of her husband's niche for authority, she obeyed and stayed back as ordered by Mr. Hassim on the pretext he hadn't yet relieved her to resume work; pretty much a bravado many a men find pride in. Little did he knew womens' plans easily entrap.

Love Haunt: The search for Romance and Lifelong partnership.

"A gentleman of impeccable looks, charming, cheerful and genuinely handsome. He was a banker, earned good reputation for his professional conduct and foresight. Yasseh, likewise, just finished her university degree in Law (LLB), apparently not employed. A brilliant, discipline and gorgeous flawless lady with immeasurable prospects. Masarr, a young and rising banker, smart and handsome, also occasionally visits this Bar to hook up"