Pride meets Wisdom In Glory

Pride chose to never return to school since then, and even though the committee had not decided any verdict on his case. “He just couldn’t let go of arrogance. He lacked the fortitude for humility. That is what pride does, it consumes you alive, arrogant, and made many loss it all in their endeavors”. Remarked Wisdom.

Once upon a time, there lived an old man named Wisdom in a small village called Glory. He was seventy years old. Each day during the summer, he spent his days at a school if not at the farm working. Glory was a very populated village despite its size. Every morning, people trekked to work as it was about seven hundred meters away from the main high way. Likewise school going children, except for those privileged to own bicycles, they had to woke up as early as 6:00 am to avoid being late for school. Until Glory had schools. Wisdom was a caretaker at that High School where Pride was a student. He had four children, three female and one male. His boy, the eldest is a lawyer and a state council. His other two daughters are masters degree holders and owned a charitable foundation that sponsor needy children. But Wisdom never wanted to be a lazy man, hence he refused to resign from that caretaker work where he had spent almost his entire life alongside farming. “I was not lucky to underwent conventional school, because at the time we weren’t fortunate to had schools here. Not anywhere close either. He told Pride.

The young man was sincerely shocked how eloquent wisdom spoke, and that made him listened somehow for a brief moment. “I was enrolled into a school called home and graduated at a university called the Farm.” The old man told Pride upon their encounter at the school gate when Pride came late to school and found Wisdom at the gate and it was locked. Then he called on wisdom to open it. In a very insolent manner, as he peeped through the small opened window. “Hey old man, won’t you open the gate? In fact why do you have to lock it?” This was exactly how he addressed the old man. Wisdom calmly opened the door without uttering a response to him. He again rudely entered the school without even greeting the old man, walked straight to his class and sat. All of a sudden, the class teacher entered and asked to go and kneel down in front of the class. He couldn’t imagined the magnitude of shame that he was about to be subjected to. Because, he was famous both in the school and in the entire village as brilliant, handsome and rude. On this very day, he tried to exhibit his arrogance to Wisdom. But he had wished he never did.

During break time, he came to the old man’s spot and started yelling at him, literally insulting him because he was punished for being late. Then Wisdom grabbed him by the wrist. He continued speaking, “While at Farm, each day I had learned what it means to be patient, discipline, hardworking, honest and most importantly humble. Notwithstanding, your father never go to farm, was schooled in the conventional school system but he was not only knowledgeable, he has wisdom, a humble man. Not as if he wasn’t brave or some sort but he was very respectful and patient. He was going to the market to help his father in his textile shop where his school fees was paid from.” He scolded him now and made him subdued. “And it is because of him, in as much as I felt seriously violated and disrespected right now, I cannot do anything but to advice you” he concluded. Pride tried to misbehave but he was man handled by the old man. “You know nothing about my father, old man” he responded swiftly. “If your father was just as impatient, rude and arrogant like you are apparently, he may not have even live this long to have a chap like you insulted me” Wisdom told him as he lessen the grip on him.

Intermittently, he jumped on himself and started shouting, then all of a sudden, the entire school gathered at the gate post of the school campus. It was already a scene. Pride started screaming and the old man let loose him. And he was all over the place. “I will tell this to my father, you will know who you are messing with” he ran, took his bag and left the school. In the following morning, he came to the school with his father. As the father stepped into the school gate and saw Wisdom, he ran to embrace him and both exchanged pleasantries. Then Pride realised he had screwed up big time. And thus, the beginning of another story. Wisdom was later called to the Administration to discuss the issue of the boy, Pride.

Interestingly, It turned out that the old man was the chairman of the disciplinary committee. He was a very respectable man in the community and in the school, in particular. Besides that, he was part of the pioneers of the school in Glory. Most importantly, his daughters’ foundation were sponsoring over thousand students in that school. “I am truly sorry for this gross indiscipline” said the father of Pride while addressing the meeting. He furthered asked Pride to especially apologize to Wisdom. Yet, he refused and decided to walked out of the meeting. Pride chose to never return to school since then, and even though the committee had not decided any verdict on his case. “He just couldn’t let go of arrogance, because he lacked the fortitude for humility. That is what pride does, it consumes you alive, arrogant, and made many loss it all in their endeavors”. Remarked Wisdom as the meeting ended. Thereof, Pride went to enrolled into a private school.

After four years down the line, one day, he was called to answer to a job interview. As he entered the office, he sat and waited to be called in. He dressed majestically smart as he was a handsome young man. “Next” from the receptionist, then he stood up and walked in. Before he could take his seat, one of the interviewers called him by his name. He looked up and realised it was one of his classmates – one he had an unpleasant history with. “Hi Humble, how are you man”? he greeted the interviewer. “Hi Pride, I am fine thank you. Welcome to Key Enterprise, please take a seat”. He sat down. The panel of interviewers began to introduced themselves.

Suddenly, Pride abruptly left the interview room and went straight home. “I cannot imagined, Humble is the Chief Executive Officer of that company that called me for interview earlier today, Mother.” He sat with his mother and jealously told her this. “Okay, that is a great news then, consider that job yours”. The mother responded gladly. “Mom, are you serious right now? I will never ever work under that family member, no matter what. I rather stay unemployed than work for or under Humble or anyone associated with Wisdom. Unbelievable! listen to yourself. This is the only reason you are still unemployed. It is not only about your knowledge Pride, your character too matters my son. You have always been egocentric and if you do not get rid off that trait, I’m afraid you might remain like this for a lot while than you could ever imagined.” His mother stated to him vehemently. “Maybe you needed to be told the truth about Wisdom and his family. When we first came to Glory, that old man assisted your father in several endeavors and ever asked nothing in return. His daughters even paid your school fees; from your Junior school to High school.” The mother paused and hugged him. She continued, your father’s first appointment was facilitated by him. Pride, you meet Wisdom in Glory. So get yourself together and give his family their due regard.” his mother concluded and walked out from him. “I am heading out, your sister shared the lunch and yours is on the stove, help yourself whenever you wish. See you, bye”.